• This is a charity event and the Philocaly Crew are volunteers.
  • The Philocaly Trail is a registered NPC.
  • This is not a guided trail.
  • This trail is undertaken by you entirely at your own risk.
  • There are no medical emergency services on standby.
  • Accommodation, transport, transfers, luggage, refilling of day packs and transport to and from your selected accommodation is for your own account and is your own responsibility.
    (Due to Covid, the trail organisers will not be arranging transport.)
  • The entire route has been walked and enjoyed and should be adhered to as per the route map, directions and warnings issued to ensure safety.
  • Please do not embark on any leg of this journey if you are unfit. Beach sand walking is entirely different to road walking. There are rivers to cross, rocks to make your way over, tides to observe, areas of soft sand to get through, long distances to cover as well as cambered shorelines in many areas.
  • If you are unable to walk 20kms on a road in under 4 hours, you will not be able to manage even one of the days. This trail is for experienced walkers.
  • Should the organisers of the trail find that a participant is struggling and is not fit enough to continue, they reserve the right to insist that person exits the trail at the next exit point. PLEASE NOTE: Should this be the case, the participant is responsible for arranging transport from the exit point.
  • Please consult your doctor prior to embarking on this walk if you have any existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, epilepsy, or if you are carrying a large amount of extra weight.
  • Nobody under the age of 16 may enter without prior consent from the organisers.
  • Dogs are permitted to join us on any of the days that are shorter than 16km but only if they are salty sea dogs who are used to this life.
  • We have a strict rule of NO WATER = NO WALK! You must have a minimum of 500ml of water per 5kms plus 500ml extra. You will not be permitted to walk without sufficient water.
  • There are some obstacles to overcome that cannot be timed perfectly with the tides, so be willing to be adventurous!

Do not bring any valuables with you.

Please note that all distances are approximate.  They have been measured by GPS, Google Earth and land maps.  Each of these distances may vary between 1 and 2kms.