Meet the Team

Founder of The Philocaly Trail

Nikki is the founder of The Philocaly Trail which was borne from her love of the ocean and her commitment to raising awareness of the need to protect our natural heritage.

Having spent the best part of her life in nature and the outdoors her love for beauty runs deep.

Living in the bush for 7 years allowed Nikki to truly connect to the small things that make up our earth and biodiversity as well as the larger picture which encompasses humans and their direct impact on nature and our ecosystems.

Every living organism makes up the whole, and this is really what motivates her life and passion for beauty… balancing the two.

“I believe that if you love something you look after it.  – Nikki

Trailblazer and Trail Leader

Mike Gahagan is a self-confessed beach bum who lives in Ballito, KZN, South Africa. Over the years he swapped his cricket bat, tennis racquet, and squash racquet for running shoes, a bicycle, golf clubs and now beach shoes.

Mike has travelled the world managing world-class athletes and attended 2 Olympic Games and 3 World Athletic Championships.

He has organized, staged, managed and commentated on athletic and golf events since 1983, and has been published in various South African golf magazines.

He spends his life in Ballito walking as close as possible to our beautiful Indian Ocean looking out for the amazing sightings of marine life and beach crustaceans. He cares deeply about our environment and believes in the impact of climate change.

Philocaly Trail Sweeper

A running and hiking enthusiast, and an avid beach walker who enjoys everything our beautiful coastline has to offer. He is in love with nature and all things concerning conservation, so he finds Philocaly “to be a part of him and he a small part of it”.

Philocaly Trail Sweeper

An avid beach walker, open water swimmer and general lover of beauty who loves to give back by doing beach clean-ups and volunteering her time to the Philocaly Trail.  

Mid-field Guide

Originally from the Himalayas, at around 3445m above sea level, At moved to Durban in 2007.  He has always loved nature and joined the inaugural Philocaly Trail in 2019 as a participant. He has developed a passion for walking, which he does almost 6/7 days a week – often along the beach and boardwalk. The Philocaly Trail highlighted the enormous pollution both on the beach and in the ocean, and its impact not only on the life in the ocean but also its impact on living creatures on the land.

By joining the Philocaly crew, he shares the same sentiments with all those who love nature and make an individual effort to keep the oceans cleaner and safer.


 Working for Biochem Trading, Kim is passionate about reducing the destruction of our water resources through education around green cleaning and bio-remediation. Kim feels in assisting Philocaly Trail in her personal capacity is an incredible way to further support initiatives making a difference in our Rivers and Oceans.

Thank you Kim for the knowledge you will share whilst seconding our October Trail.